Get Connected

Our Hepatitis Care Coordinator program has been so successful that we are currently asking new clients to fill out a contact form.

Great patient resources are also available from Hepatitis C Mentor and Support Group (HCMSG), including newsletters, patient assistance programs, and trainings for support groups!

Video above posted with permission of Ian Shortridge.  Mahalo Ian!

Get Educated

Learn about your disease and about your liver so you can make informed decisions for yourself and your loved ones. The liver has over 500 functions and processes everything we eat, drink, inhale, or come in contact with and taking care of your liver is now more important than ever.  Download Liver Wellness Tips from Queens Liver Center.

Learn more about your liver from the American Liver Foundation.

If you have hepatitis B or C, you are not alone and there is a lot of information available to you to learn more about these viruses so you can take charge of your health and live well with hepatitis:

  • The Hepatitis B Foundation has an online course about living with hepatitis B
  • The Hepatitis C Support Project has a helpful guide for people who just found out they have hepatitis C

Need Support, Medical Care, or other Assistance? Find more comprehensive Patient Resources here.