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Student Hep B Video

Student Hep B Video

In collaboration with Hep Free Hawai`i, this public service announcement was written, directed, and produced by Peter Nguyen, a senior at Farrington High School in Kalihi.

Peter created this video to raise awareness about hepatitis B among his Asian and Pacific Islander classmates. He believed that the power of storytelling is essential to making change. Mahalo, Peter!

Seeking Local Stories!

Seeking Local Stories!

Your stories matter!

We are currently seeking local people willing to share their experience living with hepatitis B or C in a short film. We hope to share these films to raise awareness in Hawaii and abroad.

For a better idea of what we are trying to do, check out stories about Jade, Kenson, and Eddie. Also check out our discussion guide for Jade’s story.

Contact us to learn more!

Film Teaser: Hepatitis B Story in Hawaii

The Educator directed and edited by Alexander Bocchieri.

We are excited to share a teaser for the third video in our “Share Our Stories” series, a story bank of short films representing different at-risk communities in Hawaii. “The Educator” follows Kenson Alik’s journey living with hepatitis B as he goes from diagnosis to liver transplant to advocacy and education for his community.  Kenson is now the Program Director for HFH’s Micronesian Education for Liver Wellness Program

Follow @hepfreehawaii on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Youtube or check our website for more films in the future! Stay tuned for the release of the full version in July 2016!

We are always looking for more stories. If you would like to share your experience living with hepatitis, contact us.