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HepFree Hawaii

Hawaii Harm Reduction Conference


We are excited to announce that registration is now open for the 2017 Hawaii Harm Reduction Conference, “Humanize, Not Criminalize!”  Topics will include many of the local issues affecting our hepatitis communities, including drug policy, trauma-informed care, advocacy, and more!

The conference will be held at the Ala Moana Hotel in Honolulu on January 13, 2017.

Register Here

Pharmacies Join the Fight

Walmart Pharmacies Offering Hep Assessments


Starting September 2015, Walmart Pharmacies in Hawaii will join Walgreens, Pharmacare Hawaii, and 5 Minute Pharmacy in providing free hepatitis risk assessments and referrals.

The Pharmacy Hepatitis Assessment program was initiated in May 2015, and we are excited to have more sites across the state (including Kauai!) thanks to Walmart’s participation!

It’s simple to participate!

  1. Go to your local participating pharmacy. (Pharmacy List)
  2. Answer a few simple questions. (Pharmacy Assessment)
  3. Take the referral form from the pharmacist to your doctor! (Hep B Test, Hep C Test, Hep B Vaccine)

Welcome to National Native American AIDS Prevention Center!


We are excited to welcome to our newest partner agency: The National Native American AIDS Prevention Center (NNAAPC)!

NNAAPC’s works to build and strengthen relationships with fellow Native American/Alaskan Native (AI/AN) communities, conducting research, and working with policy makers to improve the health of underserved groups in rural AI/AN communities. In 2016, NNAAPC HCV Awareness Program initiated efforts to reach out to communities and find out more about their ideas on public health such as hepatitis C awareness, treatment, and harm reduction programs.  For more information, go to

Mahalo for joining our coalition!

To learn more about partner agencies and how you can join, go to Join Us.