Welcome, The Honolulu Pharmacy!

Welcome to our newest partner agency, The Honolulu Pharmacy

This specialty pharmacy is dedicated to providing quality, in-language, one-on-one care and support for patients living with hepatitis B, among other conditions. Mahalo to Victor and Judy for helping our communities stay healthy! To learn more about The Honolulu Pharmacy, go to https://www.thehonolulupharmacy.com/.

To become a Partner Agency for Hep Free Hawaii, click here.

Seeking Local Stories!

Seeking Local Stories!

Your stories matter!

We are currently seeking local people willing to share their experience living with hepatitis B or C in a short film. We hope to share these films to raise awareness in Hawaii and abroad.

For a better idea of what we are trying to do, check out stories about Jade, Kenson, and Eddie. Also check out our discussion guide for Jade’s story.

Contact us to learn more!