Taking Action in the Micronesian Community

As part of Hepatitis Awareness Month and Asian Pacific Heritage Month in May 2015, Hep Free Hawai‘i partnered with local community leaders to re-launch the Micronesian Education for Liver Wellness Program (MELWP). Read press release, or download brochure.

MELWP will use peer educators to raise awareness about hepatitis B among Micronesian communities living in Hawai‘i. These free educational “talk story” sessions will hopefully increase conversation and reduce stigma around this deadly disease.

“We don’t have to let hepatitis take our communities. We can take action,” states Kenson Alik, MELWP Director and a hepatitis B survivor. “We hope that MELWP will empower local Micronesian communities to fight back against hepatitis. As someone who has been through it, I know that this is important for the health of our community!”

To participate in MELWP on Oahu, contact Kenson Alik at (808) 783-9756 or